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Covering everything from preparation, recovery, side effects and dietary requirements, Your Complete Guide to Nutrition for Weight Loss Surgery is a MUST have companion for anyone considering, or who has had, gastric band, sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass surgery. 

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Formulite Meal Replacement Shakes

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We highly recommend the Formulite meal replacement shakes for both the pre surgery diet and to top up your protein intake and aid recovery post surgery. Scientifically balanced, each shake provides your body with the optimal mix of protein, fibre, healthy omega fats and 25 essential vitamins and minerals, delivering maximum nutrition and weight management control. 

Formulite shakes are available in Choc Hazelnut, Creamy Vanilla, Honeycomb and Banana. Prior to surgery, three shakes per day would provide adequate protein for most people.

Each tub is 770g, which provides 14 serves.


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Whether they've undergone gastric band (or lap band) surgery, a gastric bypass (often referred to as RNY or RYGB) or a sleeve gastrectomy, the questions and comments our clients ALWAYS ask us include…

  • “What should I be eating after weight loss surgery?” 
  • “How many calories should I aim for each day?” 
  • “Should I be snacking or should I stick to three meals (or less!) per day?”  
  • “I’m tired of the same old boring food!”
  • “How do I plan meals the whole family will eat?”

Lucky for you, our new Nutrition for Weight Loss Surgery Meal Plans Book has answers to all of the above + MORE of your frequently asked questions completely covered, all for the low price of $15!

Single Serves Recipe Book
Single Serves Book 
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There is no one better qualified to write recipes for you than a specialist weight loss surgery dietitian, nutritionist and true foodie… aka Justine!

Justine's weight loss surgery friendly Single Serves recipe book is like having a dedicated best friend next to you in the kitchen (who just happens to be a qualified dietitian), guiding your food choices and helping you make quick, easy & tasty meals that include the three keys to long term success post weight loss surgery:
•    Protein
•    Portions
•    Pleasure from food

Fussy eater? Not to worry. Justine has personally trialed each and every recipe on her family of notoriously fussy eaters and all of them have been given the tick of approval! Say goodbye to cooking separate meals for the family - everyone is guaranteed to love these tasty dishes! 

One of the main reasons we see people failing to stick to their eating plan is a lack of time to actually cook proper meals. Trust us, we know your pain. That’s why we made sure the majority of these recipes are perfect for you to prepare in advance and pop in the freezer so you always have something ready to go!

Weight Loss Surgery Complete Care Kit

WLS Complete Care Kit

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Our Weight Loss Surgery Complete Care Kit combines all the essential tools you need to get started on your weight loss surgery journey! The kit includes:

  • Your Complete Guide to Nutrition for Weight Loss Surgery
  • Portion Perfection for Bariatrics Plate
  • BN Multi Chewable Multivitamins
  • Protein Supplies Australia Whey Protein Isolate Powder.


The Power of Protein Mini Book
Portion Perfection Plate
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After weight loss surgery, you better get used to hearing one word over and over; protein! Protein powder, protein bars, protein targets/goals… seriously, it’s all about the protein! When you think of protein, the first thing to pop into your mind is probably meat, right? Unfortunately, after weight loss surgery, meat is not always the easiest food to digest. That’s why it’s important you know exactly how and where you can get protein from other sources. 

Our Protein Mini Book covers everything from:

  • How to set your protein targets according to your eating pattern
  • A break down of the amount of protein you will find in not only meats, but ALL the food groups
  • Protein Supplement (powder) comparison table, including our top picks
  • Protein Bar comparison table, including our top picks.

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Protein Supplies Australia Whey Protein Isolate Powder (500g)
Protein Supplies Australia WPI  Click here to buy now

Did you know that achieving the right amount of protein intake after weight loss surgery is essential to continued success? We know how challenging it can be to meet your protein needs, in particular when you’re fresh out of surgery. That’s why we recommend protein powder as a great way to make sure you’re getting everything you need. The only question is, which one to choose?! (There are SO many)

When selecting a protein supplement the two most important things to consider are the type and amount of protein used. Ideally you want a supplement that contains whey protein isolate and has at least 90g protein per 100g.

Lucky for you, we took the hard work out of looking and chosen one we think is FABULOUS! Low fat, low carb, no added sugar, 99% lactose free, gluten free, neutral flavoured and versatile in the kitchen, you will love Protein Supplies Australia Whey Protein Isolate!

BN Multi Chewable OR Capsule Multi-Vitamins
Single Serves Book 
$34.95 or buy 3 bottles and save 15% 

The BN Multi range of vitamins has been designed specifically to meet the nutritional needs of those who have undergone gastric band, sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass surgeries. Both varieties are made of the highest quality, most bioavailable nutrient forms, designed to provide a broad range of essential nutrients including B group vitamins, calcium, iron trace elements and iron. 

Not only is the orange flavoured chewable great tasting, but it’s easy to digest and absorb - perfect for anyone recovering from surgery! For those who prefer a capsule, the BN Multi capsule is designed for a smooth transition. 

Please note the capsules contain less calcium than the chewables.

Click here for the CHEWABLE nutrient information. 

Click here for the CAPSULE nutrient information. 

Nutrichew Chewable Multivitamins
Nutrichew Chewable Multi-Vitamin  Click here to buy now
$42.75 or buy 3 bottles and save 10%

The newly formulated NutriChew® Chewable Multivitamin/ Multimineral tablets are a broad-range multivitamin/ multimineral containing 29 active ingredients including B group vitamins. Designed specifically for those who have had weight loss surgery, this product may assist in the prevention of vitamin and mineral deficiencies when dietary intake is inadequate.  

The NutriChew® Chewable Multivitamin/Multimineral tablets now come with tablet 'break lines' allowing you the option of breaking the tablet in half or quarters to swallow without chewing - Its your choice! Sixty tablets per bottle.

Click here for the nutrient information. 


BN Cal Calcium and Vitamin D Chewable Supplement

BN Cal Chewable Calcium & Vitamin D  

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$19.95 or buy 3 bottles and save 10%

BN Cal is a lightly flavoured choc-vanilla chewable calcium supplement in citrate form. (You can read more on why calcium citrate is the best option after weight loss surgery here.) There are 90 BN Cal tablets per bottle and each tablet contains 200mg calcium and 167IU of Vitamin D.

With the pleasant tasting BN Cal, you can now spread your calcium intake throughout the day for better absorption, reducing the risk of ongoing damage to your bones. 


Get Back on Track After Your Weight Loss Surgery - Amber Kay and Alex Shirley
BN Multi Chewable Multi-Vitamins  Click here to buy now

Get Back On Track After Your Weight Loss Surgery reveals the missing link between wanting success after WLS and achieving it! If you're struggling to get the results that you want, the real problem is probably not your strategy: the true obstacle is your mindset.

If you feel that you've been stuck at a particular weight for too long, fallen off track, or even started to re-gain weight, then it's likely that you haven't yet made the necessary mindset changes to support your surgery. Don't despair - it's never too late!

This book is filled with mind-shifting and empowering insights, strategies, tools, tips and activities, to help you can get out of your own way, and your mind can finally conspire for your body's success!

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Portion Perfection Plate
Portion Perfection Plate  Click here to buy now

Are you a visual person? The Portion Perfection Bariatric plate (melamine) is a practical tool that indicates what portion of your plate should be made up of protein, veg and carbs in order to create a fully balanced main meal.

This is the perfect companion for anyone who has gastric band, sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass surgery and wants to keep their eating on track. Notice anything special? As a final touch the words around the outside of the plate relate to all the healthy behaviours you need to get the best food tolerance.



Portion Perfection Bowl
Portion Perfection Bowl  Click here to buy now

If you love your visual tools The Portion Perfection Bariatric bowl (melamine) is for you. A practical tool with cup measurements on the inside of the bowl to help make sure you are serving the right amount of cereals, soups or stews. This is the perfect companion for the Portion Perfection Plate. These suit anyone who has had gastric band, sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass surgery and wants to keep their eating on track.




Spoons for Thought

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Do you find particular foods leave you feeling sick after weight loss surgery?

Have you experienced dumping syndrome but aren’t sure what’s causing it?

Did you know it could all be related to to the sugar in the foods you’re eating? Yep, that’s right! Often we aren’t even fully aware of where the sugar in our diet is coming from! 

Spoons for Thought is a helpful guide that helps you make sense of the food you’re eating. Sometimes reading something isn’t enough - you need to visualise it realise the impact it’s really having on your body. This book contains 250 photos of real food, accompanied by a visual representation of the teaspoons of fat and sugar they contain. 

Spoons for Thought is not about telling you want you can or can’t eat, but rather educating you to make smarter choices to improve your diet. 


Online Support - The Nutrition for Weight Loss Surgery Membership Program

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$27 per month or $297 per year (1 month free)

  • Does the thought of going through your weight loss surgery journey alone make you feel anxious & make you want to give up before you even start? 
  • Are you in need of guidance & support from others in the same situation as you?
  • Do you feel frustrated that dietary advice is always targeted at weight loss, not weight loss surgery?
  • Are you tired of being told conflicting information when it comes to weight loss surgery and struggle to distinguish between fact and fiction?
  • Do you want access to fast, reliable answers from experienced, qualified professionals who can answer your nutritional questions at a time that’s most convenient for YOU?

If you answered YES to any of the above, our online membership program is the solution to your problem!


Weight Loss Surgery Game Plan


Weight loss surgery is just one part of the puzzle in achieving good health. So why not let an experienced Nutrition for Weight Loss Surgery dietitian help you fit the rest of the pieces of together?

Our Weight Loss Surgery Game Plan sessions are delivered via webcam or phone, depending on your personal preferences. We always tailor our consults to YOUR individual needs, ensuring each of our clients walk away with specialised information relating directly to their circumstances. 

We’ll consider everything from medical and nutritional needs, eating habits, food preferences, as well as your social and work life before we formulate a plan that will see you get the most out of your weight loss surgery.

Sessions run for 45 minutes with Accredited Practising Dietitians, Justine Hawke or Carmel Cantone (pictured).

To book a consultation, please call the SA Group of Specialists Rooms on (08) 8359 2411. Please let the staff know you require a Skype or phone consultation and provide the relevant contact details.

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